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          Jia Witt electric appliance co., LTD., zhongshan city, guangdong province, is a collection research and development, production, sales, oil absorption, kitchen burning gas, water heater, disinfection cabinet, etc. Series of products of large home appliance enterprises, the company has in accordance with the national standard testing laboratory, automatic distribution device and the two-way production assembly line and other advanced equipment.

         As hutch appliance manufacturers, "the quality and price to win" is the company's successful magic weapon, the strict quality control is the basic guarantee of quality. Company's products are pass strict inspection before they go out each, perfect inspection means, to ensure that the factory products 99.99% out of the percent of pass, seeking the development of the enterprise at the same time, jia Witt did not forget their social mission, always check the principle of "green, low carbon products" and, as always, the pursuit of "not biggest, but more fine, more specifically, higher" of belief and pursuit, improving development design capability and production capacity. To promote and popularize energy saving, environmental protection, health, high quality products. Through scientific and technological innovation, in promoting the quality of people's life at the same time, is committed to environmental protection and energy saving career together with users, customers, to create the harmony of man and nature, so as to realize high quality life the individual and society to the high grade life span.

         2010-2012, jia Witt electrical appliances in China central television broadcast advertising promotion for a long time, in 2012, Internet users have voted by the home appliance industry hc360, jia Witt was named the "top 10 innovative kitchen electric industry brand", jia hewitt won 30 patents of national product research and development. Jia Witt electronics will continue to focus on the high-end hutch defends, adhere to honesty, to "by the exquisite technology to improve people's living environment" as the enterprise mission, better guide China hutch defends industry sustained, healthy and orderly development.